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Simplee Toothpaste


The Problem

There has been little innovation in the oral care industry and it continues to be dominated by just a few key players. Design when it comes to packaging and branding has stagnated.

The Solution

To create a new toothpaste brand marketed towards a younger demographic (Gen Z and Millennials) that takes inspiration from beauty and selfcare products to create innovative and standout packaging and branding.



The main goal with Simplee Toothpaste was to create a toothpaste brand that breaks the industry mold. Inspired by how beauty products are packaged and displayed, Simplee is a low ingredient toothpaste that uses bold colours and shapes to stand out against other toothpaste brands that lean more clean and frigid. Unlike other brands that are full of filler ingredients, Simplee proudly displays its low ingredient list on the front of the bottle as a main design feature. The floor and shelf displays help the product to stand out through the use of vertical lines and bold imagery.

simplee_brandbook [Recovered]-15.jpg
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