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Social Development Centre of Waterloo Region

UI/UX, Branding

The brief for this project described selecting a not-for-profit organisation and redesigning its current marketing strategy through a marketing proposal and varied deliverables. The website redesign focusing on improving navigation and application of branding. 
Originally, many of the pages on the site were arduously long and made it difficult to find specific items or topics. The original website barely featured the logo and did not have it on the header navigation. Other main issues tackled was to create a visually appealing and consistent brand identity for the website. The branding portion was created in collaboration with 4 other designers.

Key Design Choices
  • The branding developed maintains similar colours but overall modernizes the brand

  • The logo redesign features two people leaning on each other, forming an infinity sign to symbolize community 

  • The website redesign uses shape and colour as divisive elements 

  • Targeted pages are made for different audience groups (Those with Lived Experience, Donors and Volunteers) to aid in navigation

  • Creating more nested navigation and a pared back search bar helps users to better find information

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